My name is Sattva Giacosa, I am a visual artist and photographer living in Vienna, Austria. I was born and raised in Venezuela between the Andes and Caracas. Growing up in the mountains had a profound influence on me. The hours I had to walk every day to get to the nearest school were intense moments of contemplation that impacted my view of the world.

In my work I explore (autobiographical) social issues such as migration, representation, identity and the relationship to the landscape we live in and the mark we leave in this world. I work at the intersection of social documentary and fine art photography, creating intimate visual imaginaries where the ordinary merges with strength and beauty.

I have worked as a photographer in fashion, journalism and portraiture. In 2019 I was awarded the Kültür Gemma Grant (AT) and in 2023 I was awarded by Espacio Anna Frank in Venezuela for outstanding portrait photographer.

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