Sattva Giacosa is a visual artist, who lives and works between Vienna and Venezuela. She was born and raised in Venezuela between the Andes and Caracas. Her artistic approach lies at the intersection of performance, installation, and social documentary photography.

As both an artist and researcher, the central focus of her work has been questioning identity through visual representation, in which photography has played an important role since the beginning of her career. Informed by a post-migrant experience and a decolonial feminist perspective, questioning the epistemic violence around the representation of the Other.

She creates intimate visual narratives that bridge the ordinary with strength and beauty, focusing on autobiographical social issues such as migration, representation, and identity. Giacosa also investigates the relationship of humankind with the environment, influenced by her childhood in a rural area of the Andes Mountains. Her works defy conventional photographic techniques, using photography as a means of communicating and reimagining stories.

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