The shadow of the sun

The accelerating ecological damage has shown us in recent decades that everything on our planet is interconnected, when we put gas in our cars it connects us to the Middle East, our phones connect us to the cobalt mines of the Congo, the servers where our metadata is stored are growing at an exponential rate, consuming huge amounts of non-renewable resources such as water while entire populations in the World have no supply of this essential resource.

This ongoing series is my personal investigation into the connection we, as humans, share with the planet. Motivated by my growing concern for our climate future, I recreate intimate scenarios that evoke that connection.

A memory I leave


How should I go?
Shall I leave nothing after me on Earth? How should my heart act?
Do we come to live in vain,
to sprout on the Earth?
Let’s at least leave flowers
Let’s at least leave songs

Nezahualcóyotl (in Nahuatl: Nezahualcoyotl “fasting coyote”; 1402-1472) was a warrior, poet and lord of the city of Tetzcoco (Mexico).

Un recuerdo que dejo


¿Con qué he de irme?
¿Nada dejaré en pos de mi sobre la tierra? 
¿Cómo ha de actuar mi corazón? 
¿Acaso en vano venimos a vivir, a brotar sobre la Tierra?
Dejemos al menos flores 
Dejemos al menos cantos

Nezahualcóyotl (en Náhuatl: Nezahualcóyotl «coyote que ayuna»; 1402-1472) fue un guerrero, poeta y señor de la ciudad de Tetzcoco (México).

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